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How can I email my report?

From the top Menu bar, hover over the Share option, and when the pop up menu appears, click on Email.

Fill out the email address of your recipient and subject. You can also enter some text to introduce your message.

You can select between 2 different ways to send the report. You can send the report as HTML or as a link.

When you send your report as HTML, they will see the report with all its elements directly on the email message. They won't be able to zoom in the pictures and some background colors may be changed.

When you send your report as a link, they won't see the pictures or text of the report on their message. They will see some text inviting them to click on the link, in order to see the report. This will maintain the integrity of the report better, but will require an extra step.

Please know that no matter how you do it, some email servers may block messages identifying them as spam. We have taken many measures to try to prevent this, but it isn't always possible to reach every possible recipient.

If you are having problems trying to send an email to a recipient from within Picture Reporter, you may want to copy the link and send it directly creating an email message yourself, or using any other way of sharing (such as text messages, chat, social networks, etc.)




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