How it works


Import your photos

Simply select all the pictures you want and import.

Import your photos


Add your information

Each page of your report can have 1 to 6 pictures, with titles or comments either above or below each picture.

Add your information


Share your report

Picture Reporter makes sharing easy! For each report that you create you will have a link that you can share via email. You can also embed reports in your website or blog. Picture Reporter gives you complete control over who has access to your reports with a password protection feature. Generating PDF files and print option are available as well.

See a sample report right here! You can zoom in on the pictures by clicking on them!

When you generate a PDF file, this is what your report looks like:

Picture Reporter sample pages 1 and 2 Picture Reporter sample pages 3 and 4 Picture Reporter sample pages 5 and 6


You can embed your report on your blog or website. Use the scroll bars in the sample below to see how an embedded report works.

You can even use Picture Reporter on your SmartPhone or mobile device - so you can send your report to your client right from the field!

Picture Reporter running on an Android SmartPhone